The beginnings of Polák model s.r.o. date back to 2001 when the company commenced to deliver under the trade name Polák basic materials for model builders, such as dyed sawdust, plastic foam (under the trade name PUREX), ballast (fully natural aggregates, not dyed imitations), and last but not least the water imitation material under the name AQUAPLASTIC that is capable of competing with products of foreign manufacture in terms of both price and the range of usage.

Our significant success is also the product under the trade name NATUREX.
Polák was dissatisfied with the appearance of trees covered with crushed plastic foam. Plastic foam close to looks like anything but leaves and that is why the company searched for such material that would truly imitate leaves and would be easy to work. In the summer of 2003, it brought in a material that met most requirements. This material is fixed to net for easy application and is sold in the form of foliage under the name NATUREX. "Leaves" were of three sizes and in nine shades at the beginning. Now the line comprises more shades and four sizes of leaves.

This material is bought from us also by other companies for manufacturing broadleaved trees (e.g. Model scene).

Also the idea of manufacturing high bushes originated at that time. But the bushes were launched on the market later on.

Polák step by step added other products to enhance its assortment; however, an important landmark was mastering the polyamide fibres (called the "static grass" among model builders, the professional term is the flock) processing technology. Fibres flocked on end on to an adhesive-coated substrate form a nearly perfect grass imitation in a model. But the small range of shades being on the market as well as the high gloss of fibres used was regarded as deficiency by Polák.
Testing produced a wide range of semi-mat to mat shades.

The third significant point in the Polák´s history was the start of using the technology of the multiple applications of different materials that enabled to manufacture e.g. Wild Bushes (the first product of its kind for sure and probably not outdone to this day), High Grasses, and various meadow and field combinations. Hardly anybody knows the grain field N from BUSCH is originally our product and we have produced, in co-operation with another German company, the first series for BUSCH.

But it was in 2007, one year after changing to Polák model s.r.o.

For 2009 we have prepared a number of interesting new items, e.g. all products in the MEADOWS and EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM lines, and some improvements and enhancements of existing products-e.g. 9298 Blackthorns and 5911 to 5913 Wild Flowering Bushes.

We intend to continue in bringing model-builders interesting true imitation materials and products. We therefore believe that our aim will be appreciated by model-builders.