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About us
The beginnings of the company Polák model s.r.o. dating back to 2001, when under the name Polák began to supply the market with basic modeling material, such as colored sawdust, foam (under the trade name PUREX), gravel (completely natural aggregates, no colored substitutes) and last but not least material for imitation water under the name AQUAPLASTIC, which can compete well with foreign products, both in terms of price and processing options.
Other significant successes include the product with the trade name NATUREX.
The Polák company was not satisfied with the appearance of the trees covered with foam crumb. The foam closely resembles everything but leaves, so she looked for a material that would faithfully imitate leaves and be easy to process. And in the summer of 2003, it comes with a material that meets most requirements. For easy application, this material is fixed on a supporting net and sold in the form of a foil under the name NATUREX. Initially in three sizes of "leaves" and nine shades. Now there are more shades and four sizes of leaves in the assortment.
This material is also purchased from us by other companies for the production of deciduous trees (eg Model scene)

At this time, the idea arose to produce tall shrubs, which, however, were launched on the market much later.

The Polák company gradually expanded its range with other products, but an important milestone was mastering the technology of processing PA fibers (among modellers called Static Grass, professionally flock). With the help of these fibers, flocked into the glue upright, an almost perfect imitation of grass is created on the model. However, the Polák company saw a shortage in the small number of shades sold on the market and then in the high gloss of the fibers used.
The test resulted in a wide range of shades with a semi-matt to matt surface.

The third important point in the history of the Polák company is the beginning of the use of technology of multiple application of various materials, with which it was possible to produce eg Wild Shrubs (certainly the first product of its kind and probably still unsurpassed), tall grasses, various combined meadows and fields. Few people know that the size N grain field from BUSCH was originally our product
and for BUSCH we produced the first series in cooperation with another German company.

But that was already in 2007, when the company had already transformed the Polák model s.r.o.

For the year 2009, we have prepared a number of interesting novelties - such as all products in the LOUKY and EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM groups and some improvements and extensions of existing products - such as Blackberry bushes 9298 and Wild flowering bushes 5911 to 5913.

We want to continue to bring modellers interesting and faithfully imitating materials and products. We therefore believe that our goal will be welcomed by modelers.


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